Issue 1 / March 2024

Topic: Autobiographical Storytelling

We LEYANAs bring so many cultural and intellectual resources with us when we come to Germany.

But often times, we forget the treasure chest of new skills we have gained through our personal integration process.

In the latest edition, we give you space to reflect on your past - in order to look confidently into the future.

For more highlights, take a look below.

*Please note: our magazine is published mainly in the German language. Typically, you will find at least one text in English in every issue - in addition to a text in another world language.


How do you deal with Heimweh?

In this issue, we asked 6 experts for advice.


Ever considered getting a tattoo? This photography series might give you that extra push!


1,2 million people in Germany speak Arabic at home. But for many others, the alphabet is a mystery.

In this issue you can learn some basic and start building your first words.

Great for children.